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Cub Fans – A Lesson On Hope – Bartman & More


Game on the Line with Infield Drawn In


Manny Ramirez Walk Off Home Run

This was the most exciting home run I have ever seen on live t.v.  It was great for the Red Sox!  I appreciated Manny giving thanks to God for his talent in the interview following the home run.

Anger Manager Management

Phillip Wellman Baseball Manager Mississippi Braves Umpire Rant Temper Tantrum!  & Best Hissy Fits!

Hey we’ve all had bad days, usually not on television.  As funny as this video is, it makes me laugh at myself and how I have handled situations of frustration.  It also make me greatful my entire life isn’t broadcasted. 

I hope this video inspires you to laugh at yourself too and be encouraged to deal with your anger in a nonsinful way as the Bible refers to in Ephesians 4.  We know we will be angry, but that is okay in and of itself.  I teach my kids that it is normal to be frustrated and that you have to work through it.  If you offend or hurt someone in the process of anger, then make it right by taking resonsibility and by apologizing and asking for forgiveness. 

I try to both remind myself and teach my children also to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit for self control as mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23.  Its encouraging and challenging to realize that we need God’s help to produce fruit in our lives.   As a parent I address the lack of depending on God’s power more than the bad behavior itself knowing that a bad behavior is a symptom.  I want my kids to know that they need’s God’s power in their life and that their effort to be good is lacking without God’s power.


Derick Lee – Strikeouts in Playoffs

Devotions_baseball_10 Derick Lee is a great hitter, one of he best.. 
Who am I to judge him when he has a strikeout? – Dave

David Ortiz – Patient With Role

David Ortiz knows his role is to produce runs for the Red Sox.
Patience helps him deliver the goods at the right time. – Dave Devotions_baseball_4

Kenny Lofton – Playmaker

Kenny Lofton is a playmaker period.  That is his attitude and outlook.
How can we take this outlook and challenge ourselves in our own lives?- Dave


Cubs vs. Diamondbacks Game 1 & 2

The Cubs fell prey to crafty sinkers and off speed pitches in Game 1 & 2
of the Division Series. What if your enemy did the same?- Dave


Reflections on Cubs #21

Cubs player slamming #21.  Is it who you think it is? -DaveDevotions_baseball_7

Welcome to Baseball Devotions

Devotions_baseball_1 Welcome to